How It Works

About our company:

Tampa Gift Card King is owned by a disabled veteran and under SHM Gulf Enterprises, LLC. We have been proudly serving the entire Tampa Bay Area with the highest rates paid on gift cards since 2006.  We pride ourselves in operating our business by providing you the best service based on three founding principles:  Paying the most cash for you gift cards,  being available everyday, and also later store hours than any other dealer… we are open until 10 pm 7 days a week. We and have a safe, simple, and quick process.   This equates to you getting the most cash as quick as possible, when you need it.

The Process:

The process to sell your gift card and get cash now is very simple. Most transactions are handled in 5 minutes or less.

  1. Contact us by phone, text, or using our website contact form. Wait for an immediate response. You can find out whether or not we take your brand, and the amount to be paid based on the balance of your card. Walk ins at our store location are welcome. Safe and comfortable envirnoment provided for all transactions.
  2. Upon arrival to our store, present the gift card, your government issued ID and receipts if applicable.
  3. Wait while balances are verified on the gift cards.
  4. Sign gift card transfer form.
  5. Walk out with cash.

How Can I get even more money for my gift cards?

  1. Like our Facebook Page and get 5% more on your first card you sell to us.
  2. Look on our Facebook page for weekly specials.
  3. Present a Military ID or VA ID and get 5% more on one card a week.
  4. Present a receipt or proof of rate from any local established buyer and we will beat it by 5%.
  5. Become a Bulk Seller to our business. (Call for details)

Here are some suggestions some people don’t think about to get additional gift cards.

  1. Check your purses, wallets, drawers and other areas to find old gift cards. You will be surprised. It is stated that the average household has over 300.00 in unused gift cards.
  2. Ask family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors if they have any gift cards that you can have or buy cheaply. Offer 50% for a card you can sell for 70%
  3. Use your credit cards or retail store charge cards to buy gift cards. Many people use this option when they need cash and don’t want to pawn an item or have no cash advances left on their cards.
  4. Return unwanted gifts or recently bought items. Even if you don’t have a receipt, stores will issue merchandise credits. We buy merchandise credits for the same rates as gift cards.
  5. Return unused job materials, project supplies, and construction items , that you don’t need.
    Contractors make up a large portion of our customer base.

We GUARANTEE the Highest rates on over 2000 brands of gift cards and merchandise credits in the Tampa Bay Area. We will beat any local buyer by 5% with proof of rate. Quit going to pawn shops, game stores and check cashing stores to sell gift cards. Our rates just can’t be beat. No Hassles…..No Waiting