Frequently Asked Questions

  • Cards
  • Does there have to be money on the card?

    Yes. Cards with no attached funds have no value. Cards without a balance have no value.

  • How do you come up with the percentage you pay on every brand?

    Prices are based on the current national market value for the each particular brand. Prices incorporate risk, popularity of the card, and amount on the card. Some cards can get more if the balances are larger.

  • Why do I need my ID?

    We are a licensed business and we require ID for all transactions.  Your personal information will never be used for anything else other than identification.

  • I don’t have my ID but you already have my information in the system, is that okay?

    No.  An ID is required for every transaction.

  • Can I buy cards from you?

    No, we do not sell cards to the public.

  • Do I need a receipt?

    Yes, we prefer receipts with the merchandise credits.  We understand that in some cases, no receipt is possible.

  • I don't live in Tampa, Can I send you cards?

    Cards can be sold to us from anywhere in the country as long as the seller has a verified PayPal email address.  Please contact us for further details.

  • How can you pay so high for gift cards?

    We are able to pay insanely high rates because of the volume of cards that we buy, low overhead costs, and the long term relationships we have established with large gift card buying companies.

  • What if the PIN is scratched?

    When the PIN is scratched, there is a far higher risk that the balance can be compromised.  We prefer the pins to not be scratched, however, we will make a determination on a case by case basis on whether or not to buy cards with scratched pins. Some brands card numbers are not covered and some stores scratch the pin to activate card.  These will not affect your ability to sell a card.   If you have a gift card with a covered number,  do not scratch the pin.  We will gladly check the balance of the gift card for you.

  • Do you accept e cards?

    Yes, mostly from established customers.  Determination is based on a case by case basis.

  • What do you do with the cards?

    We do a variety of things with the cards we buy.

  • You say that you pay the most, but I see online where they pay up to 90%, do you match that?

    No.  Our company offers a different service than online companies.  We offer immediate cash for gift cards.  The companies online do not offer immediate payment of cash for the cards.  We will beat any established buyer, pawn shop, or game store by 5% with proof of rate paid.

  • Do the rates ever change?

    Our rates are very consistent and do not fluctuate often.   Daily quotes will not change, so your best bet is to call for a quote.   We do have the right to change any rate.  Rates don't only go down, they also go up. 

  • What happens if the card that I sell you goes bad?

    You are both legally and financially responsible for the cards you sell to our company.  All cards balances are verified at the time of sale, confirming the exact amount of funds on the card.  If the card balance changes after we have paid for the card, we will use every measure necessary to recoup the loss,  including pressing criminal charges.  It is a criminal act to knowingly sell a gift card and then alter the balance after accepting cash for the card.  Additionally, we can and will recoup our payment from later card sales attempted by the seller.  If the card was determined to be gained in a fraudulent manner,  We will cooperate fully with law enforcement to aid in prosecution of the seller

  • How can a card go bad?

    There are many ways gift cards balances can be altered after the time of sale..  Some examples are:

    • A store deactivating a card after it was issued because they determined it was obtained by fraudulent means. i.e. returning of stolen merchandise
    • An individual claiming a card was lost or stolen.
    • An individual using the card online or for in store pickup.
    • A bad funding source such as a stolen credit card or bad check.